Words of love. 

from people I love. 

"Within minutes of meeting Amanda, it felt like I had a new friend! Her passion for both yoga and helping people is clear and regardless of skill level or ability she makes everyone feel included and welcome in her classes. I don't know if its her contagious laugh and optimism or maybe the personal touch of singing to us at the end of class, but I always leave the studio feeling totally calmed and refreshed. I would recommend her classes to anyone!" -Ali Field: Yoga Student.

"I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your amazing course. You were authentic, real, honest and inspiring. I felt I could relate to you on many levels, and yet always felt like you had something to teach me. Thank you for opening your heart to us, and sharing some of your own personal struggles. I find that makes the experience so much more real. Like we are all learning together, you’re not just the teacher. Your energy is so bright, and beautiful. I just adore you"

-Wee Wild Ones Teacher Training Student

"Amanda presented me with ideas about creative teaching that I had never considered before. Her training has positively impacted my teaching style and overall approach to linking postures and structuring classes. I continue to implement what I've learnt from Amanda into each class I teach and the feedback has been positive and inspiring! There aren't really any word that could sum up what she's given me. Thanks for the little push to step outside my comfort zone." -Deanna: Creative Authentic Vinyasa Student


"I have never left a training and felt so ready to teach before!" -Miranda: Wee Wild Ones Teacher Training Student.

"Amanda is a genuine and authentic teacher at heart. She was inspirational and incredibly informative about a variety of yoga styles and techniques that I will take with me and apply to my kids yoga teaching. I feel honoured to be one of your students! Thank you so much!" - Danielle: Wee Wild Ones Teacher Training Student.