Turning 25

It’s October and everything looks different.

It feels different too.

My life has done so much changing in the last 30 days that I can’t possibly image embarking on any new journeys or ‘shifts’ anytime soon…but seeing as how 25 is literally around the corner, and only 7 days away…

it seems a bit inevitable.

So, here I sit outside on the deck, with a half empty bottle of wine and entire pan of lasagna beside me on a Friday night

I am alone...so, you are definitely allowed to throw a little judgment in there..

I am not sure what comes next for me...

(in this moment, not life. Baby steps)

I’m not sure if I want to:

  • Cry.

  • Book a random trip somewhere.

  • Quit my job.

  • Move away.

  • Get serious and commit to being in a relationship.

Or just drink the rest of the wine...

…and finish the lasagna.

The options seem both endless and overwhelming.

The idea of staying in Calgary sends me into an immediate panic…but the thought of starting over again sort of breaks my heart. I decide and tell myself that my new adventure is “staying”... and most definitely getting involved in a serious and committed relationship.

With Myself.

I then decide to get myself something for my birthday, something amazing.

And since I am currently on the salary of a yoga teacher… I don’t think you will be surprised to hear that that ‘thing’ I have decided to gift myself, is:



This blog has now become a strange sort of self proclamation that I want to make to myself...so feel free to stick around- or join me in lasagna and wine land and go enjoy your night.

Here we go…

Turning 25. The New (and improved) Rules to Live by

A.K.A The road to Happiness

  1. I will speak my truth: I will not be afraid (ok, I will be OK with being afraid) to say what I really feel. I will use my voice as a powerful tool for change, growth and authenticity. I will stick up for what I believe in (and myself. Always) and will not be ashamed of my ideas or opinions, because they are valid and because I am fucking amazing.

  2. I will cut out the bullshit: I won’t feel bad saying No. I will not recycle shitty friends or water wilted and dying relationships. I will not fool myself into thinking I can fit giant squares into tiny circles. Because of this, will maintain a normal blood pressure, because that’s just what 25 year olds should do.

  3. I will date myself: I will date the hell out of myself. I will make an effort to look good for myself and will tell myself how amazing I am on the regular. I will buy myself gifts, take myself on dates and be excited to spend time with myself (Note. Dating other IS allowed)

  4. I will love the shit out of my life: I will take time to express gratitude for all of the kick ass things I have in my life. I will soak up early mornings, cozy cuddles, warm coffee and will let the little things be the best things.

  5. I will follow my heart and follow my passion: I will do whatever the hell it is that makes me happy. Teach yoga? YEP! Travel? YEP! Become a writer? YEP? Eat bacon? YEP! Drink Wine? YEP! I will not discredit the opinion of others, and will always be open to hearing what people have to say…since after all, they are in the audience! They do not however… direct the show.

  6. I will not be friends with everyone: I will not have to have, maintain or collect friends just for the sake of it. I can be a nice, caring and kind person and that can be enough. I do not need to go to starbucks, or have wine with every human being who enters my life.

  7. will stop using the following words and phrases:

  8. I am stressed

  9. I am so busy

  10. I can’t afford it

  11. I will stop doing things that I hate: I will stop wasting time, energy and good vibes on stuff that I really don’t love doing all that much (this unfortunately does not apply to paying my bills..) I will fill my days with more things that make my heart sing, and less things that make my heart want to resort to grumpy emojis.

  12. I will stop freaking out about Money: I will trust in my ability to take care of myself and not allow myself to worry about money, because it’s only money… and there is always money to be made J

  13. I will stop playing small, and will start owning my power: I will be my biggest fan and my loudest cheerleader. I will believe that I am good enough and will let myself be seen and heard by others. I will aim higher and say THANK YOU (and mean it) when people acknowledge me. I will stop making excuses and will start doing everything I have ever dreamed of. Because I am more than qualified to live an amazing life!