How did I get here & Who the heck am I? 

Once upon a time, somewhere on Instagram I read the words "Surround yourself with people who you want to be like" and shortly after I found myself dragging my $12 yoga mat to my very first yoga class. The rest is history.


Ok, well not quite.

The rest (ish) is this...


Yoga has been my greatest vehicle for change. It has brought me home to myself. 

For years I was the only thing holding 'me' back. Fear ran my life! In my world, everything was scary and I had so much love for everyone in my life but me.


When I finally realized that everything I had created in my life was by choice and when I finally learned how to get out of my own way, I was propelled into all kinds of possibilities. One small change soon began to create momentum for more change. This brought me to teaching. 


I now teach, travel, learn and love on a full time basis!

I began working with other teachers, both in Costa Rica, in Calgary and online as a success and creativity coach as a way to encourage teachers to get out of their own way, and begin teaching from their big beautiful hearts. 


There is such a powerful opportunity that arises every time we step in front of a yoga class. We are creating magic, cultivating change and introducing people to their amazing, unstoppable, unbelievable selves. 

xo Amanda 

So...What happens here? 

I consider this website to be a hub of authenticity, inspiration and creativity!

It's kind of like your yoga mat:

A place where you can learn about yourself, make magic and get curious! 

Here you will find ,my blog, different workshops, online courses, programs and teacher trainings through my school "Outbound Yoga", which are located here in Calgary!

I'm glad we could run into each other like this,

come back soon! xo Amanda